“I. Am. So. Sorry.” Talking about my pregnancy losses.

Remembering cherished much longed-for pregnancies is of course, personal, but in sharing we might help ourselves and ...

The pervasiveness of loss - Or is the story of Kafka and the Doll one of healing?

How kindness and loved ones make the difference in life’s journey

What's Remembered, Lives

Nomadland reminds us of the important things in this life.

Honouring and remembering our loved ones well, honestly and joyfully

How normalising death serves to celebrate life.

The Madness of Grief

Why treasuring memories is important in coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Captain Tom, Belle & Sebastian, Personalised Jewellery...the importance and variety in story telling

The art of story telling and how it's not just about the books.

Why making memories is more relevant than ever

Lockdown may seem like the last thing you want to remember, but the need to make positive memories is arguably more i...
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