Tender Touch Charm

Our Personalised Memorial Jewellery Memory Treasures Tender Touch range features the unique fingerprint of your loved one, beautifully textured with their fingerprint whorls to create an artistic keepsake. Select from various classic shapes and have the print's name and age engraved for added personalisation. Each piece of jewellery comes beautifully packaged with a care card and polishing cloth.

Don't have an existing print? No problem. Simply include our Fingerprint Ink Kit with your order to capture the detail of your loved one's print using a moulding compound that is returned to us. Get your one-of-a-kind Personalised Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery today!

Quality: each item is hand-crafted from sterling silver and engraved with your loved one's name.

Prints:include our Fingerprint Ink Kit in your order. Contact your local jeweller to have the print taken direct. Use a print created by your bereavement service provider.

Total price: includes all national shipping, Fingerprint Ink Kit, final piece of jewellery with your loved one's print and their engraved name.

Charm size: approximately 1cm x 1cm.

Charm shapes: heart, circle, teardrop. Choose your shape when you order.

More options: for a wider range of jewellery options, visit smallprint.com.