“I. Am. So. Sorry.” Talking about my pregnancy losses.

This is such a sad and challenging topic to consider and discuss. However as the statistics show us, miscarriage touches more of us in our lives than we might realize - and starting to air this important issue more could be helpful for those coming to terms with the loss of a baby during pregnancy. This article shares some incredible and honest insights and acknowledges not everyone feels speaking this openly about miscarriage is right for them. However reading about it may well be exactly what many more people will find helpful, and also realising that there is no one right way to deal with this unexpected sadness.


Tulip Mazumdar encourages us to not be quite so guarded about keeping miscarriage as an unspoken subject, and that taking the time and space to process grief, by being able to talk about it openly may well be helpful for many. Remembering cherished much longed-for pregnancies is of course, personal, but in sharing we might help ourselves and also others who may not yet have experienced loss. And if something is more known, more acknowledged then surely we are further towards understanding and some kind of acceptance. 

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