Why making memories is more relevant than ever

Februar 16, 2021 2 min read

Why making memories is more relevant than ever

Making memories
During this period of lockdown, it is often tough to reach out and connect with one another, especially for older people within society. With a higher risk of becoming ill from COVID-19, it's unfortunately very easy to dismiss spending time with older family and friends due to transmission fears. However, even simple acts like picking up the phone or joining a family zoom call can be effective in making life for older adults more pleasurable and less ‘locked down’ during these difficult times.
Different ways of "holding each other close"
Pianist Jamie Cullum proved that it only takes thought to help those affected by isolation to feel needed in society, as demonstrated through his world record breaking virtual piano lesson. In the article on the Age UK website,Jamie Cullum breaks record and raises money for Age UK | Discover | Age UK  Jamie talks about how for him, his grandparents were key figures in his life, but yet feels dismayed that older members of society are often forgotten, especially in times of crises. However, they offer an absolute wealth of life stories and things which we could all benefit from learning! His online piano lesson was a triumph in connecting both the old and young, experienced and novice pianists alike, and admits there is something rather special about music, which provides warmth, community and stimulation.
Turning handprints and doodles into keepsakes
For all the distancing imposed on the wider family, immediate family life has been closer than ever. Home schooling has been challenging, but at the same time parents and children have been brought together by activities, games and experiences in an unprecedented way. In our business, we have seen an uptick in parents keen to capture these moments, turning inky handprints or their budding Picassos' mini masterpieces into silver keepsakes. 
Personal touch, relationships sustain us
It’s often hard when being stuck at home to truly feel like you are making ‘memories’ and treasuring every second, yet music can so often provide the unity and friendship we can often long for. And, as shown by Jamie, not only does it provide joy during these uncertain times, but it also inspires confidence, which is something that is often so imperative for being brave enough to make memories. You do not need to feel compelled to smash a world record like Jamie, but during lockdown, reaching out to perhaps sometimes forgotten members of society and sharing a song, letter or even a chat can make all the difference.
Lockdown is tough, but focusing on good memories makes it so much better. 

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