What's Remembered, Lives

Mai 25, 2021 1 min read

What's Remembered, Lives

"What's remembered, lives" is a beautiful and very touching stand out quote from this incredible film. The main character, Fern describes how she keeps the memory of her late husband alive and this seems to sustain her as she navigates an often unsettled way of being.

Nomadland offers an intimate yet devastating look at Fern's life as she copes with losing everything. “I’m not homeless, I’m just houseless,” Fern proudly declares, touching upon the materialism which is deeply internalised in Western culture. We are posed with the question: “Is home just a word, or is it something we carry with us?” Wise and practical, Fern and her fellow nomads carry only the most essential items with them, the majority practical, but a few very precious  and of great sentimental value.


By joining Fern on her spiritual journey, we are reminded of the important things in this life: simple pleasures, friendships, memories. Nobody can say for sure what happens when we die. But one thing is for certain: the ones who love us will always remember us. 

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